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Celest PhoenixCall

Celest PhoenixCall

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The Celest (Kinera) PhoenixCall have an overall bright sound with deep, springy bass that is smoother and more relaxed. The mids sound solid and natural, while the high frequencies are clear, bright and clean. The soundstages are spacious and natural, with round and smooth vocals and high resolution, giving you a comfortable music experience.

They use a 7mm magnetic voice coil for low frequencies, two balanced armature drivers customized for mid and high frequencies and two planar drivers for ultra-high frequencies. Through careful adjustment of frequency division, they feature powerful bass, precise midrange and smooth treble characteristics.

With its packaging with a strong personality, based on a legendary scene inspired by the ancient Chinese myth "The legends of the mountains and the seas", incorporating a very successful metal bookmark, an 8-core twisted copper cable, 6 pairs of tips as well as a storage case.

Signature: W


Configuration: 1 dynamic driver, 2 balanced armatures and 2 planar drivers

Impedance : 32Ω

Sensitivity: 103dB

Frequency : 20Hz to 40kHz


Shell : Resin

Cable: 1.2m braided 5N copper silver plating 8 cores 48 strands of 0.06mm

Connection type: 2pin 0.78mm

Microphone: No

Weight: 9.08g per earphone + 30g for the cable

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