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Incorporating a new type of driver, the TRN XUANWU (or Black Tortoise) is based on a square planar driver, which relies on the sound performance of a classic planar driver for bass and midrange, with an armature balanced to enhance treble performance. With a better amplitude than a classic dynamic driver, with a balanced signature as well as a very good usual clarity of the brand.

All in a shell mixing resin for the base and an aluminum front inspired by the Chinese constellation of the Black Tortoise, all with a silver cable of 4 hearts as well as 7 pairs of tips including a pair of new tips T to try!

Signature : In W


Configuration: 1 x 10mm square planar driver + 1 balanced armature

Impedance : 12ohm

Sensitivity: 117dB

Frequency : 20Hz to 20kHz


Hull : Aluminum and Resin

Cable: 1.25m braided 4 silver-plated cores

Connection type: 2pin 0.78mm type C

Weight: 5.3g per earphone + 12g for the cable

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